HTMCell - Online Spreadsheet

Demo Version

What is it

HTMCell is a demo application that brings an(other) online version of a spreadshit program. It is mainly deployed as a demo for our work. However it is going to be continuously developed until it meets a minimum of useful functionality. This would be roughly described as:

  • User data space, each user - a different guest initially - will be assigned a different set of tables.
  • External user validation (probably via your Facebook account).
  • Math formula support - initially basic operations and functions
  • Book support (as a collection of related tables)
  • Formatting of tables, rows, columns and cells at user request
  • Scrollable tables, with volatile data in order to support large tables
  • Import / Export (upload/download) CSV files
  • Import / Export (upload/download) XLS(X) files
  • Limitation to the total cells used by each user. Only the cells filled with a value will be accounted.

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At this point the project is free of charge so some limitations apply. Even if more advanced features or storage options become available, there always be a free of charge - though personalized - access to it.

Important! We would be more than happy if you show us your support by suggesting this app to your friends!

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Regarding this web app please contact us either via e-mail at: or at our generic contact info.