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    Web Sites

    We build web sites from A to Z!

    • Fully functional
    • Well Designed
    • SEO Optimized
    • Small and fast
    • Based on CMS or not

  • Apps

    App Development

    We build apps for any OS!

    • Performance optimized
    • Well Designed
    • Ergonomical
    • Internationalized
    • Native, Web or Mobile

  • Admin

    Tech Support

    We can support your system!

    • Any OS or Web
    • Remotely or On Site
    • Automated Admin Tools
    • Automated Monitoring Tools
    • Time charge every 10'



Web Sites

We build or redesign a web site for you or your company using the latest and most efficient techniques available to date. You can use our experienced graphic art team or use your existing template we can adapt to your needs. We also like to work on tight schedules when necessary.

Depending on your needs we can use a popular CMS system like Joomla! as a base for your site. Alternatively it can be based on our lightweight uCMS system or build it from scratch to suit your needs.

You can also expand your existing Joomla! site by having us write an extension (module, component, etc) for it. Our expertise with Joomla! extensions development assures you that you can get a smooth experience while getting the competitive advantage at the same time.

Web Apps

Web apps is the future. Let us develop a custom application that suites your customers' or your own needs. There is a number of advantages that web apps offer you, as we can assure you that this will be done using the latest, most efficient tools.

  • Can't be copied and distributed without your consent
  • There is no need for installation and are updated on-the-fly without any user intervention and this happens simultaneously for the entire community
  • You can host the data on your server or if it is applicable and desired you can have your users store the data on their own computer
  • When the data are all on your server backing up is a piece of cake
  • Can run practically from any browser on any device (cross-platform) giving the user the exact same experience
  • Can be hosted in our or your servers
  • They scale up easily
  • They reduce the total cost of the application (development and running)

Mobile Apps

Cover the hotter part of the market! Native mobile apps for iOS, Android, etc are by far the fastest growing market trend in the world. They provide a two-way communication with your clients or your personnel and can give your more info than any other approach to the mobile world. They also give you a few advantages compared to the web apps:

  • Do not need to be connected to the Internet while the are executing, which given the high cost of mobile data transffer posed by the ISPs is a big advantage
  • Even when they do have to be connected to the internet the data transffered can be compressed and save you or your clients even 90% depending on the nature of the transfered data.
  • The optimized code of the native mobile applications gives your device the opportunity to spend less battery power for the same result when compared to a web mobile app
  • Achieve more stuff (like image processing, geolocation monitoring, taking pictures etc) with your existing hardware
  • Have a truly native look for your application
  • Secure your data in a more effective way

Native Apps

Use your computers and local network to the extend of their capabilities making the money you spent on them worth it!

We can develop for you native applications for any OS and have your computers take off. This way you can earn a lot like:

  • Use the entire power of your computer
  • Give your users the best possible experience in their GUI
  • Leave behind the technical restrictions of the browsers (like not being able to write to local files)
  • Secure your data in a better way
  • Utilize the network via the develop software. You can even have your computers cooperate to achieve a specific goal! (Don't buy a new one, use a few older instead)
  • Manipulate directly the hardware attached to your computer (printers, scanners, etc)
  • Write multithreaded or parallel code that exploits 100% your CPU
  • Have the application communicate with other native applications (e.g. MS Word) and thus being able to automate tasks


Web Site Admin

Your web site is working for you without even disturbing you... until one morning!

We make sure the above is false. We monitor the site, the logs, and the content so that it stays working as promised by both the web site creator and the web server owner. If it is based either in a commercial or known system or it is based in custom code, we can always monitor, support and administer your site, 24/7!

Server Admin & Monitoring

Just like a web site we can monitor, support and administer your servers. Weather it is Windows or Linux based server, we are it's best friends. We do have the expertise, knowledge and tools to:

  • Watch for signs of possible problems and solve them before they disrupt it's function
  • Automate tasks via applications or scripts that address specific issues
  • Backup your data manually or automatically
  • Configure the server as well as the related network infrastructure to protect the server more effectively
  • Manage the network traffic via software solutions
  • Create on our servers dashboards which you can securely access and see collectively the status of your machines not only the servers as well as their past states, either in textual or graphical manner.

Remote, Phone & On Site Support

Remote Support

Our remote support services are targeted to our full set of systems. It is the lowest cost solution that we provide, but has the fastest response time since a lot of the problems that occur are reported automaticaly, possibly even before you notice them.

However when you encounter a problem the response time is still small since a lot of automated diagnostics can be run in your computer and let us locate the problem practically instantly. The only thing you need to do is to post the problem description on our web site and we resolve it in no time.

Warning : Obviously you cannot solve internet and most of the intranet connectivity problems with this approach.

Phone Support

This is our next troubleshooting solution that you can use complementarily to the remote support. It is used solely to solve the connectivity problems that rise in your company. Furthermore it can be used as a last resort for irresolvable problems with the remote support method.

TIP : You can spare the extra cost of phone support, by having - a couple of -your tech-savvy employees trained by us on how to resolve connectivity issues, based on your network layout and your network resources.

On-Site Support

In case of hardware failures or other complicated problems that might occur we can still support you at your place. This is the ultimate solution to all your IT problems. This service is provided either on contract, or per case. You decide what type of arrangement serves you better and what response time you need and we provide it!

TIP : If we cannot provide On Site service for your computers you can still use our services in order to save money. Use our Remote or Phone Support in order to solve most of your problems and when On Site support is required you can still hire a local technician with higher rates!


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